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I acknowledge the land and its continuous custodians; the land that gives us water, food, shelter, love and the stories we all tell each other to belong. The First Nations of this land have always been willing to welcome us if we look after the land and the people, and hear their stories with open hearts.

I acknowledge that many Australians come to country from other lands, and that a welcome must come from the First Nations People or on behalf of them. This was, and always will be their land.



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Claire Bowen Management

Claire Bowen Management represents unique talent from diverse backgrounds.

After ten years in the industry, and three years working with Perth’s leading talent agent Vivian Poulton, Claire has created the Agency to meet the demands for unique Australian talent in all aspects of the arts.

Claire is based in Melbourne, but represents clients in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. She works with artists and projects that bridge cultures, open dialogue and embody respect for artists and their background.

Claire Bowen Management has provided a range of performance and arts management services to clients around Australia, including:

National Indigenous Dance Forum (Melbourne)

Yirramboi First Nations Art Festival (Melbourne)

City of Melbourne

Melbourne Fringe (for Maribyrnong City Council)

Artsbox Grant 2017 and 2018 (with Maribyrnong City Council)






Belinda Campbell.jpg

Belinda Campbell

Leonardo Canales

Benjamin Creek.jpg

Benjamin Creek


_0005_Kevin Futamachi.jpg

Kevin Futamachi

_0007_Sabrina Hafid.jpg

Sabrina Hafid

_0009_Garret Lyon.jpg

Garret Lyon

_0010_Ebony McGuire.jpg

Ebony McGuire


Artemis Munoz



Writers & Directors

_0016_Jessica Messenger.jpg

Jessica Messenger

_0017_Rafeif Ismail.jpg

Rafeif Ismail

_0018_Vivienne Glance.jpg

Vivienne Glance

_0019_Will Dunlop.jpg

Will Dunlop



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Please contact principal Claire Bowen directly to discuss the talent, development, production or administration requirements of your project.



To submit your interest in representation, please link to showreel or voice reel below, or send me details of your next show and I'll endeavour to be along.

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